Lane draw and schedule available: Hoe Tonga Regional Sprint Champs 2015 (5/6 Dec and 12/13 Dec)


  • Host: Hoe Tonga Pacifica Waka Ama Association
  • W6 events: 5 December, at Onepoto, Porirua (reserve day: 6 December)
  • W1 events: 12 December, at Henley Lake, Masterton (reserve day: 13 December)
  • Distance: W1 250/500m; W6 500m/1000m/1500m
  • Divisions: Midget to Master 70
  • The event is open for paddlers/teams from outside the Wellington region, albeit they are not eligible for prizes or selection (unless they paddle for a club within the region).
  • Entries closed on Thursday, 26 November. A late fee applies for any late entries.
  • Roster closes on Wednesday, 2 December. A late fee applies for any team with an incomplete roster after 2 December.

W6 events

  • Venue: Onepoto Domain, Porirua Harbour

W1 events

  • Venue: Lake Henley, Masterton (approximately 1:30 hrs drive time from Porirua and Wellington; 2.15 hrs drive time from Whanganui)

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Entries for Tai Tonga 41 Waka Ama Marathon

Click here to download the race information package.

Date: Sunday 26th APRIL 2015 (Cancelled if weather is too extreme)

Venue: Evans Bay Yacht and Motor Boat Club, 501 Evans Bay Parade, Wellington


  • 8km: designed for paddlers with little training and fitness or unsure if can complete a 12-15km course safely. Open to W6, W2, W1, Kayaks and Surf Skis Male/Female/Mixed. SUPs also welcome however the distance may be shortened on the day
  • 12-15km: for those with plenty of race experience and able to complete the course in 90 minutes. Opened to W16, W2, W1, Kayak, Surf Skis Male/Female/Mixed. No SUPs for this distance.

Cost per paddler:

  • 8km only – $15
  • 12-15km only – $20;
  • 2 or more races – $25
  • One fee for all age groups and includes a snack at prize giving


  • Waka Ama teams and paddlers must be registered with a member club of Waka Ama NZ.
  • Teams may enter as Junior (under 20yrs) or Senior (20yrs and over). If a team has 1 or more senior paddler then that team is a Senior team. Please enter through your club rep as per Sprint Nationals, LDN, Whaingaroa Hoe etc

Entries Close: Wed, 22nd Apr 2015 at 11:59pm


Click here to download the race information package.

Outrigger canoe team crosses the Cook Strait

It has been 12 years, but now a team of local paddlers has done it again: paddle across the Cook Strait in a W6. A big thanks to Interislander and Fergs Kayaks  for making this possible.


sponsorsJörn Scherzer, organiser of the team, says the idea for the Cook Strait crossing came about because he sometimes gets asked about running a race across the Strait. And of course, paddling across the Strait is one of those things you have to tick off your bucket list.

(For a full set of pictures, please click on the picture above, or follow this link: (Video coverage will follow in the near future.)

But what many people don’t realise is that the Strait is one of the most unpredictable stretches of water you can find, with strong tidal flows and often strong winds. So organising a crossing does not come easy, planning of this venture started in August last year.

On the day it meant an early start at 4am, with the team starting its paddle at 5.30am from Mana in Porirua. The team members were Matt Archer, Lawrence Hynes, Pa Taikato, Grant Barriball, Marianna Hodges, and Jörn Scherzer.

The forecast for the crossing was for light conditions, with a Northerly kicking in from the afternoon. Turns out it was pretty flat all the way in the morning, except for a light Southerly swell and plenty of rips and eddies near the Brothers Islands and around Cape Koamaru. (Click on the picture below to replay the crossing. Note that cell phone coverage in the Sounds is poor, so the replay only covers the crossing up to Cape Koamaru / Arapawa Island.)

The Crossing


For the first hour the team paddled in complete darkness, and it’s only once the team had passed Mana Island, over 12km into the crossing, that the first signs of morning emerged. 4 hours and 40 minutes later, having covered a distance of 55km, the team reached Ship Cove in the Outer Marlborough Sounds.

Ship Cove gave safe harbour to Captain James Cook on five occasions during the 1770s; it now makes for a picturesque location to finish a venture such as this.


The team then caught a water taxi to Picton with the canoe in tow (with Mattie loving the ride). The team then enjoyed the comfort of the Interislander ferry on their return journey to Wellington.


The team would like to thank Interislander Ferries and Fergs Kayaks for their outstanding support for this venture. A big thank you also to support boatie Murray Leacock and assistant Lei Faletolu, and Porirua Canoe Kayak Club for providing crucial equipment support.

For the past two years, Jörn in collaboration with Lei Faletolu and James Sadler has organised the Mana Super 6 Ocean Challenge, a one-way ocean race between Porirua and Kapiti. W6 teams paddle a distance of 39km, preferably with the wind on their back, in what can be demanding rough water conditions. The race is the longest waka ama marathon race in New Zealand.

For 2016, they will be investigating in further detail the financial feasibility of adding a Cook Straight crossing as a potential race course option. Securing sufficient logistical support and sponsorship would be essential.

Today’s crossing was a test of whether the distance of 55km can be done by a team in an iron-man format, if the conditions are right. The answer is yes, it can be done.





Entries close 23 January: Mana SUPER 6 Ocean Challenge 2015

Follow the race live at 


Follow the race live!


  • Date: Saturday 31 January 2015 (reserve day: 1 February 2015)
  • Venue: Mana and Paraparaumu (Kapiti)
  • Host: Hoe Tonga Pacifica Waka Ama Association
  • Format: 30-45km, W6, ocean racing, iron-man, downwind (if conditions allow), experienced teams only

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Regional Premier Men/Women W12

(Note that this post is NOT about inter-club W12 entries, click here to view the process for those.)

Just a reminder on the process for the selection of the paddlers for the regional W12 premier teams. As re-confirmed at the last regional meeting on 24 November, the status quo on selection largely remains in that the top two teams in the open men/women final at the Regionals will form the regional W12 at Nationals 2015.

Premier Women

  • 1st PCKC Te Pua Inano – Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
  • 2nd PCKC Taimania – Porirua Canoe Kayak Club

Premier Men

  • 1st PCKC Ie-Ko-Ko! – Porirua Canoe Kayak Club
  • 2nd The Avengers – TOA Waka Ama Club

However, at the meeting, an amendment was agreed.

  1. Hoe Tonga to clarify to the winning teams in the premier division finals that it is a regional W12 team they have qualified for, therefore they should consider other paddlers in the region to see if they could/should substitute some paddlers from their original W6 team (to ensure Hoe Tonga as a whole sends the strongest possible lineup).
  2. Other clubs to submit paddlers that they think should be considered by the two teams making up the regional W12 (once the Regionals have been completed). Hoe Tonga will forward these names to the clubs/W6 teams that formally make up the regional W12.
  3. Hoe Tonga will make the entry for the regional W12, but clubs / HT must be provided with some assurance that the winning teams have given reasonable consideration to any outside paddlers that have been submitted.

With regard to point 2 above, club reps now have the chance to put forward the names of relevant paddlers. Please do so by 19 December (Friday this week), by sending an email to the HT administrator. Hoe Tonga will compile the names and forward them to the reps of the clubs with teams that came first and second at the Regionals. Those clubs and relevant team captains then have an opportunity to consider these submissions. They will then need to get back to Hoe Tonga by the end of December (or the close off of the roster at Nationals at the latest) to confirm the final line up.


Entries close tonight: Inter-club W12 entries for Nationals 2015 (W12 made up by paddlers from 2 clubs)

Please note that Waka Ama NZ has advised a change to the rules regarding W12 teams that are formed between two clubs.

The new policy (see rule 21.7 in the Waka Ama NZ race rules) is as follows:

W12 crews can be made up of competitors from up to two clubs from the same region, but only in the following divisions:

  • Midget
  • Intermediate
  • Senior Master
  • Golden Master
  • Master 70

This rule only applies where a club does not have sufficient paddlers to form their own, stand-alone, W12 crews in those age categories.
A WT12 crew made up of 2 clubs may be a combination of any number of paddlers from those two clubs. They must satisfy all other rules as specified in the race rule document.

The key change is that this rule now only applies to some divisions, not all. For example, clubs can no longer combine in the Premier division.

If your club wishes to combine with another club in the above divisions, please take note of the following:

W1 rankings and quota placings for 2015 Nationals

Please click here to download the quota placings as at Saturday, 13 December, 10pm.

Please note:

  • Rankings are based on placings in finals first, then plate finals (where existent), then times in the heats.
  • For the Senior Master division, the suggested ranking has also taken into account the placings in the 250m dash races – to account for the fact that some paddlers where not present in the 500 races, due to races being so far ahead of time. Please contact Hoe Tonga if you have any concerns.
  • If a paddler does not wish to compete at Nationals 2015, or is unavailable, please contact the HT administrator asap so that the next eligible paddler can take the vacant quota place.


W1 racing now all go for Saturday, 13 December

Important notice:

  1. Racing is scheduled to go ahead tomorrow (Saturday). The weather forecast is very mixed, depending on the source it ranges from calm to 20knots, for both Saturday and Sunday – and it is constantly changing. At this stage, it appears that we will see at least lower wind speeds on Saturday morning, hence why we are pushing ahead (all Intermediate and J16 paddlers are scheduled for 9-12). However, expect that races in a number of divisions may be shortened to 250m.
  2.  Please check the lane draw near kayak club entrance tomorrow morning, there have been a few changes. Registration will be either just outside the kayak club entrance, or inside the kayak club (depending on weather).
  3. Volunteers: please be there EARLY! As the wind speeds are forecast to be lower in the morning, we would really like to get racing started on time, ie 9am, which means the first paddlers should be heading out at 8.50am. Therefore, if we can have helpers for setting up the marquees and official stations at 6.30am . The support boats we need to have ready to go by 8.15am.
  4. Weighing of W1 is scheduled for between 8-9am. Be on time, and get sorted, so that we can get racing under way by 9am.
  5. Club reps: please bring any remaining waiver forms for W1 paddlers where relevant waiver forms have not yet been handed in (eg they did not paddle last Saturday in W6).


Schedule and lane draw now available: for Hoe Tonga Regional Sprint Champs 2014


  • Venue: Onepoto Domain, Porirua Harbour
  • Host: Hoe Tonga Pacifica Waka Ama Association
  • Date: 6/7 December 2014
  • Reserve days: 13/14 December 2014
  • Distance: W1 250/500m; W6 500m/1000m/1500m
  • Divisions: Midget to Master 70
  • The event is open for paddlers/teams from outside the Wellington region, albeit they are not eligible for prizes.
  • Entries closed on Thursday, 27 November. A late fee applies for any late entries.
  • Roster closed on Wednesday, 3 December. A late fee applies for any team with an incomplete roster after 3 Dec.

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Questions? Email or call 021-1250997.

Volunteer briefing for Regionals 2014 on Tuesday, 2 Dec, at 6.45pm at Onepoto

A big thanks to all of you for volunteering their time again to assist with the running of this year’s Waka Ama Regionals.

For those involved in the start line boat / flag boat / finish line operations, and anyone else interested, we are holding an officials briefing on Tuesday 6.45pm at Onepoto (entrance of kayak club facing the water). At that briefing we will go through the processes on the day, and go through the radio procedures.

Gaylene is still looking to fill a number of positions, if you know of anyone else that may be available, even if just for a morning or afternoon session, please let her know. Gaylene’s number is 021 620 408.